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Prevention of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and HIV-1 Co-Infections

A collaborative project financed by the EC Framework Programme 7


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  • GSK is a world leader in innovation and the manufacture of vaccines. We pioneer advances in vaccines against preventable diseases, to help reduce the impact of disease on the world’s population.

  • Our scientific expertise helps us to provide a broad range of vaccines solutions. Fostering innovation with external partners lies at the heart of our business model.

  • Based on the adenovector technology developed by Okairos that has shown stimulation of an antigen-specific CD8+T-cell response in pre-clinical and clinical trials, GSK will develop new vaccines that contrary to conventional vaccines, will induce a potent antigen-specific CD8+ T cell response.

  • GSK has an extensive track record of partnering including over 100 current collaborations worldwide with large pharmaceutical companies, small biotech businesses, consortia, charities and academia (graduate and post-doctoral research programs).

  • Developing vaccines with unique qualities, challenging more diseases, improving the efficacy of current vaccines, and helping clients to meet their immunisation objectives, are all principles which have made us a leader in this field. We welcome new proposals and initiatives for future collaborations that would be aligned with our mission. Please feel free to contact us at